Yes Baby Car Mirror Bundle

The last thing new mommies need is to buy products that don’t do what they promise or that take up too much time. The Yes Baby Car Mirror Bundle will help to make your life a bit less hectic once you bring baby home.

Yes Baby Car Mirror Bundle

The baby car mirror bundle includes three products, which I admit are a bit odd: a car mirror so you can see your baby in the carseat placed in the backseat, a Baby on Board sign to place in your rear window, and a silicone spoon and fork. The bundle is made well with high-quality materials.

The baby car mirror uses a stabilizer and two straps with snaps to hold the mirror in place securely. You won’t have to worry about it falling off, losing its position, or making those annoying noises other products make. You can adjust it so that it points in any direction you choose. The baby car mirror is shatterproof, so it’s safe to use. The picture in the mirror is very clear and sharp, so you can see details from the front seat.

The Baby on Board sign is smaller than others that I’ve seen. Personally, I don’t care about this item, but I know that some new parents love the novelty of the sign or even feel that it may make other drivers drive just a tad safer if they know that a baby is a passenger.

The silicone fork and spoon are great! They change color when warm. They are ergonomic in that they’re comfortable to use.

This is a great baby car mirror bundle to have. Get yours here!

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