Universal Travel Adapter Wall Charger

I have a friend who is a world traveler.  He and his wife have been to every continent and almost every country.  I love to hear their stories, as I love to travel myself and hope to follow in their footsteps someday.  I recently asked him what their most useful item is for traveling.  His answer: a universal travel adapter wall charger.

universal travel adapter wall charger

Anyone who travels internationally eventually has the problem of not having the correct outlet to fit a plug.  Bumming chargers and adapters is not a fun experience, especially when you want to go sightseeing and immerse yourself in a new culture. This universal travel adapter wall charger will help you make the most of your travels.

This universal travel adapter can handle almost any type of plug.  It works well for United States and Canadian plugs that have two and three prongs.  It also has the slanted prongs used in Australia and New Zealand, the three pronged variety used in the United Kingdom, and the kind used all across Europe.

Even better is that this universal travel adapter wall charger has two USB ports!

I highly recommend this!  It’s reasonably priced, and it can save you many headaches on your travels.  Get yours here.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. However, my opinions are 100% my own.

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