Thanksgiving Turkey Door Kid Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Door Kid Craft

I love to decorate for holidays.  It seems to make everything that much more special.  Even better is making memories with the kids in the family during these most special times of the year.  This Thanksgiving Turkey Door Kid Craft is both easy and frugal.

This reminds me of the type of activity I did with my Granny when I was young.  We had a book called “Rainy Day Surprises” that was filled with fun, quick, and inexpensive activities.  We completed every one of them and made memories every step of the way.  That time is priceless to me now, and I want to do the same kind of activities with my own kids.

This is a quick and easy craft to involve all the kids.  They get to decorate the entrance door like a turkey. The only problem you might have is that they might want to constantly go in and out so that they can see it!

This activity only costs about $4 – even less if you already have some of the materials on hand.  I put mine on a side door, since my main door is for a more elegant fall wreath.  The door I used has a doggy door built-in, and I like how it serves as a makeshift mouth for the turkey.

2 paper plates 
Construction paper or craft foam in red, black, and yellow
Poster putty or double-sided tape

1. To make the eyes, cut two 3” diameter circles from the black construction paper and attach them to the center of the paper plates with the putty or tape.
2. For the beak, fold the yellow paper in half diagonally.
3. Using the picture as a guide, cut a wavy strip about six inches long from the red paper.
4. Attach the pieces to your door using tape or putty. I recommend putty for this part. I’m super-OCD about pulling paint from my door, but that’s just me.

Isn’t that cute? And wasn’t it soooo easy?

Thanksgiving Turkey Door Kid Craft

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