Teething Drool Pads and Bib

This invention is brilliant!  Anyone who has had a baby knows that they love to suck and chew on anything they can put in their mouths. It’s even worse when they’re teething.  The three-piece set of teething drool pads and bib by Baby Preferred helps busy moms with that problem.  This is made for the Ergobaby Carrier, but it can be adjusted to fit other carriers as well.

Teething Drool Pads and Bib

This helps babies soothe while teething.  It’s made of a very soft material that helps absorb all the extra drool that can cause a face rash if left for too long. One of the drool pads comes with elastic hooks so that you can attach a pacifier or toys to keep your baby occupied.

They’re easy to add and remove, and they wash up very well in the machine on regular cycle.  I washed mine, and it came out looking just like it did when I got it.  It’s much easier to wash this teething drool pads and bib set than to try to clean the carrier on a regular basis!  The stitching is very good quality, so this set should last a long time.

One thing that I love is that the material is unisex, so it should work for a boy or a girl.  I have friends who have bought all new items because their second baby was a different sex and nothing they had matched.  This print is modern and stylish.  It would make a great gift.  Get yours here!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  However, my opinions are 100% my own.  I don’t recommend any products that I don’t truly love and want to use.

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