Buttercup Squash Roasted with Brown Sugar and Honey


Savory Buttercup Squash Roasted with Brown Sugar and Honey

You’re going to love this roasted buttercup squash with brown sugar and honey.  It goes well with just about any meat dish – pork, chicken, or beef.  It’s quick and easy, too, so be sure to pick up some squash on your next visit to the grocery store!

Butternut Squash Roasted with Brown Sugar and Honey

I’ve been a squash fanatic for years, even though I had only tried three varieties: summer, butternut, and spaghetti. I just don’t see other types in my grocery stores very often. That’s probably because I live an hour and a half from the nearest interstate or major highway. Yep, you read that right. Hard to believe, but true. Folks around here raise a lot of gardens, but squash varieties just haven’t been included for some reason. Continue reading →

8 Great Winter Squash to Try Now

8 great winter squash to try now

Don’t you just love Fall? I can’t get enough of the crisp air, colors of the leaves, and the wonderful bounty for my pantry.  Winter squash are some of the most enjoyable and versatile produce you’ll find. Harvested in the fall, most varieties can be stored to be used throughout the winter season.

pumpkin winter squash

It’s a shame that most people aren’t more familiar with winter squash. The only types I usually see in my local grocery are acorn, butternut, and spaghetti.  If you do see other varieties, I encourage you to snatch them up and give them a try.  I like some of these so much that I plan to add them to my garden so that I’ll have a steady supply.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started with winter squash.  When you try them, don’t forget to check out Saving Seeds: Step-by-Step Instructions.
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