Steve Maddon Leather Watch

Some of you know that Sam collects watches.  I’ve lost count of how many he has now.  When he says that he loves a watch, you know that it has passed a set of critical eyes.  This Steve Maddon leather watch just got an A!

This watch is gray with silver and blue complementary colors.  The second hand is in its own circle right above the number six.  Sam says he prefers that because you never mistake the time when you glance quickly at the watch. Continue reading →

Outdoor String Lights

I LOVE these outdoor string lights!!

I got these outdoor string lights for my mom.  She’s a little bit obsessed with lights.  Sam and I joke that her yard looks like a runway strip at night!  She has lights strung around tree trunks and solar lights around the perimeter of the property.

Yet out of all the lights she has, she loves this set the most! Continue reading →

Duck Hooded Bath Towel and Rubber Duck Set

I just love this little duck hooded bath towel and rubber duck set! It’s so cute that it’s hard to pass up.  I’ve wanted one for a long time and was excited to try this out. Continue reading →

No Tie Shoelaces

My dad is a diabetic and has issues with neuropathy and feet swelling up to twice their size.  It isn’t easy for him to put his shoes on or take them off. He keeps the laces extremely loose, so much so that they can’t be tied because there isn’t enough string left over.  I thought I would have him try these no tie shoelaces.

no tie shoelaces

We only used the largest no-tie shoelaces in this pack on the holes closest to his toes. Then we added his shoelaces in the holes above them so that he had more room to actually tie his shoes. It worked great!

no tie shoelaces

These shoelaces are made of what seems to be rubber. They have a fabric texture imprinted on them, though, so you really can’t tell the difference from far away.

It was pretty easy to put these laces in. Not too easy, though. If they’re too easy to put in, they’ll be too easy to come out.

Overall, we’re very happy with these, as they helped to solve a practical problem for my dad.  Get yours here!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. However, my opinions are 100% my own.

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