The Ultimate Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

My fourth wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of this month.  I’m also pushing 40. That’s hard for me to admit, but it’s true.  4-0!  

These two facts mean that I spent many years being completely self-reliant.  When something broke around my house, I either fixed it or had to find someone to hire that could.  Okay, so I admit that when my dad was younger, he helped me quite a bit – but still.

Doing regular home maintenance tasks will help to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape.

ultimate annual home maintenance checklist

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re the one responsible for home maintenance, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  It seems that there’s almost always something to do, which is hard if you aren’t used to performing those kinds of tasks. It’s also hard to remember when to do maintenance, especially when you have a million other things going on in a day.  

Let me tell you from experience, though, not performing those maintenance tasks will cause you bigger headaches in the future.
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Christmas Holiday Gift Tags: Free Printables


Christmas Gifts

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner??  It seems like time is flying by.  Tomorrow is Black Friday (otherwise referred to as the most wonderful time of the year in my house), and soon there will be lots of gifts that need to be wrapped and tagged.

Gift Tags

I hate to admit it, but most of the time I wait until the last minute to wrap anything.  I stack the gifts in a spare room until the day before I give them.  I recycle gift bags that I receive, so I rarely even buy wrapping paper or bags.   I do always need tags, though – and I usually forget to buy them.  I know, I know….my organization isn’t the greatest during the holidays.

I created cute Christmas gift tags that can be downloaded and printed at the last minute (or anytime!).  

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Daily Organization To Do List Free Printable

I’m so excited for the holidays.  Food, family, a day or two off from work, shopping.  I feel like I don’t know if I’m coming or going some days, though.  I’ve spent the last week or so carrying around three or four different to do lists to try to keep up with everything, and it hasn’t worked too well so far.  I’m just too old-school to use my phone for lists and alerts.  I finally sat down and created a master list — My Daily Organization — that would handle every aspect of my hectic day.  I want to share it with you in case you’re in the same boat as me.  

Daily Organization To Do List Free Printable

This printable is intended to be used each day, but you could easily use it for weekly lists, as well.  I’m so busy that I have to use it daily for now.  Maybe things will slow down after the holidays, but then I’ll slide into spring cleaning and summer fun.  So I will likely stay just as busy.

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