Superbowl Party Desserts

Superbowl is right around the corner, and with it comes parties.  I have to admit that I’m not a sports fan.  My favorite part of the day is the party food.  With all the attention on appetizers and dips, desserts tend to take a back seat during Superbowl.  Folks like me who have sweet teeth will appreciate 7 amazing Superbowl party desserts.

Snickers Rice Crispy Treat Football

Head on over to see Chrysa and the rest of her amazing team at Thrifty Jinxy.  They came up with the delicious (and cute!) Snickers Rice Crispy Treat Football.

7 amazing desserts to make your superbowl party a success

Football Snickers Brownie Recipe

Don’t leave Thrifty Jinxy yet!  Check out the Football Snickers Brownie Recipe. They’re talented at making food shaped like footballs – and they taste sinful!  Check out the other great recipes and tips on saving money while you’re there.

7 amazing desserts to make your superbowl party a success

Cheater Peanut Butter Fudge

A Dixie Kitchens recipe, this is great if you’re short on time.  You can even involve the kids.  Only two ingredients are required (three if you add chocolate chips to the top).  You can’t get easier than Cheater Peanut Butter Fudge, folks!

Cheater Peanut Butter Fudge

Raw Cookie Dough Squares

Did you eat raw cookie dough as a child?  I sure did, until my Mom corrected me smacked my hand for eating raw eggs.  But it was sooooo good!  These Raw Cookie Dough Squares don’t contain eggs, so they’re safe to eat.  They come from The Holy Mess, so be sure to check out her other goodies while you’re there.

 7 amazing desserts to make your superbowl party a success

Candied Grapes

I hate that Superbowl falls right smack dab in the middle of diet season.  I’ve been to a few parties that made me miserable because I couldn’t eat any of the goodies.  Check out my Candied Grapes recipe, which only has two ingredients, so it’s super quick and easy.  It’s so yummy, but that’s ok…. you can eat the whole batch without feeling guilty!

candied grapes

Aren’t these candied grapes beautiful?

Brownie Fruit Pizza Bites

Thrifty NW Mom has a tasty treat that incorporates brownies and fruit: Brownie Fruit Pizza Bites.  Even better – there are variations!  Who doesn’t love options?  Not only do they taste delightful, but they’re pretty, too.  I plan to take these to my next ladies potluck.

7 amazing desserts to make your superbowl party a success

Easy Last Minute Football Cookies

This is another recipe that works well if you didn’t plan ahead and need something in a pinch.  You won’t sacrifice taste, though, because they’re sooo good!  These Easy Last Minute Football Cookies can be found over at Thrifty NW Mom.

7 amazing desserts to make your superbowl party a success

To make your party complete, check out even more great Superbowl food:

Healthy Party Appetizers

Party Dips

Healthy Party Dips

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