Parachute Hammock

I’ve always wanted a hammock.  I don’t think anything sounds better than relaxing on a nice day in the shade, while reading a book in a hammock.  This parachute hammock by Nortwill makes a great addition to your summer relaxation plans.

parachute hammock

This parachute hammock is made of nylon, the same material used for parachutes.  It’s great for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those who love to camp.  Don’t want to carry a clunky tent?  No problem!  Nortwill’s parachute hammock is so light that you won’t notice it, and it clamps onto a backpack easily.   Sleep off the ground, with the sides of the hammock keeping you warm at night.  They fold around you and keep you snug and protected against winds.

Sam weighs around 235 pounds and was worried about the parachute hammock’s durability.  It claims to hold up to 400 pounds, and he experienced no issues at all.  In fact, the hammock performed extremely well.  The stitching is very good (I’m a sewer, so I always notice that).


This is very easy to put up.  You only need to find two trees.  It took me about two minutes by myself, but I’m sure that it would go even faster than that with some practice.  The straps come in one carry bag, while the parachute hammock comes in another that is actually sewn into the hammock itself.  That way, you can’t lose the carry bag.  While you lie in it, you can use the carry bag to hold small items that you want to keep close at hand.  I tied the pull strings of the two carry cases together so they never get separated.

Sam’s only criticism is that this hammock gets hot because it does fold around you and prevent air flow.  You probably won’t want to use it in the middle of a sweltering day.  If you keep that in mind, though, you’ll be happy with this parachute hammock.  Get yours here.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  However, my opinions are 100% my own.  I would never recommend products to my readers that I don’t actually want to use myself.

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