Nursing Bra

We all know that breastfeeding is best for babies, but nursing is often times not a pleasant experience when you are sore and your bra can’t handle your growing cup size. This nursing bra will help make breastfeeding more enjoyable.

nursing bra

This is the second nursing bra that I’ve tried, and both have been made my Mamaway. I couldn’t be happier with them. They can even be worn as regular bras because they do offer support. They are so, so comfortable.

This bra has removable padded inserts that provide extra protection against leakage. They also add cushioning, which makes sleeping more comfortable. The bottom band is extra wide and offers support to help with the pain of a growing cup size. It doesn’t feel tight or roll up at all.

It’s made of 20% spandex and 80% nylon. The feel is silky and light, while still offering support. Mamaway claims that the fabric stretches to hold an increase of three cup sizes. There are clips for opening the cup for easy access to feeding. I’ve found them very easy to open and close, even with one hand. You can’t tell that there are clips through your clothing.

nursing bra

You don’t order this bra in typical sizes, but choose between small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large. They include a chart to help you choose based on your normal bra size.

This nursing bra doesn’t need any special washing care. You can throw it in the washer as usual. I always hang dry my delicates, so I haven’t tried putting it in the dryer.

If you are a new or expecting mother, this nursing bra will make your life a little easier and more comfortable. Get it here.

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I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. However, my opinions are 100% my own. I never recommend prodcuts to my readers unless I want to actually use them myself.

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