Gift for Christmas When You Can’t Afford it

Today’s post is targeted to those of you who are willing to do something a little different for the holidays this year – give Christmas Coupons!  This is perfect for those of you who need to figure out how to actually gift for Christmas when you can’t afford it.  This idea is good for those of you who:

  • are struggling financially to buy any Christmas gifts
  • are struggling financially to buy more than one gift for the kids
  • need fresh ideas for stocking stuffers
  • want to get back to the basics and give the gift of quality time

Read on to download a free printable that will allow you to actually gift for Christmas when you can’t afford it!  There are two versions available: for adult and for kids!  There are three sheets available for each version.

gift for christmas when you can't afford itgift for christmas when you can't afford it

With the economy bad in many places, it seems like a lot of people are struggling with finances.  I’ve never, ever seen things get this bad, and I live in Eastern Kentucky, which has maintained one of the highest poverty rates in the nation for decades.  Not something I like to brag about, but it is what it is.  People from my area know how to survive.  They know how to make ends meet….even around the holidays.  

If you’re struggling, you might not be able to afford the most popular gifts.  You might not be able to afford any gifts.  Let me tell you, sometimes Christmas needs to come in January!  I know folks who have actually done that.  Gifts aren’t the reason behind Christmas anyway.  Don’t worry – you can do this.

gift for christmas when you can't afford it

Even if you aren’t struggling financially, this topic applies to you.  It seems like the important things in life get lost more and more as time goes on.  As a society, we’re so focused on stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  The best stuff.  Name brand stuff. Almost everyone I know has an attic, basement, or a storage building full of stuff that they don’t use or need.  Many have all three. 

Do we want to raise our kids to only care about stuff and to expect the “right” gifts every year?  That answer is usually no.  I’m a believer that the best gifts are sometimes not what we expected and the most cherished thing on earth is time.  I’ll say it again – the most important thing we can give our loved ones is our time.  They will remember the moments spent with you forever.  In a busy world, we’ve lost that.

This free printable is good for so many reasons.  It teaches kids what’s most important and that we don’t always get every single thing we want in life.  It allows you to spend more quality time with your kids – making memories!  It’s fun!  Even better, it’s quick and easy.  I’ve given and received coupons before, and everyone absolutely loves them!

To get your free printable Christmas Coupons, click the download link below.  Save them to your computer and print out as many copies as you need.  There are blanks in there for you to write in special gift ideas of your own.  Cut them out with scissors and place them in a handmade card.

Christmas Coupons for Adults When You Can’t Afford to Gift Download

Christmas Coupons for Kids When You Can’t Afford to Gift Download

I’m positive these will be a hit, with kids and adults alike, and feel free to share your stories with me!  Remember, we all want more time with the people we love.  Now go make some memories!

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